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Esoteric & Spiritual Events

(Feb-April 2014)

Thames-Isis: Blessing of the Fleet (Isidias Navigatum) Ritual

Isidias Navigatum Blessing the Fleet ritual 2014 London   (c)Mani Navasothy
We continue the exploring of the mysteries and magic of the Goddess Isis in a series of rituals to be held by the banks of river Thames in London. (Tamesis is an old name of river Thames, and supposedly means `Thames-Isis’).

Date: Saturday 2nd March 2014   (this is on New Moon!)

Ritual outline (tbc): A statue of the Goddess will be carried to the water, where flowers-wreathed women may offer mirrors so that she may see her beauty. Priests will pour milk on the sands from a pitcher shaped like Isis's breast, then sprinkle the statue with precious perfumes. As the final part of the ritual, a small replica boat will be filled with spices and sent (out to sea) as an offering to the Goddess Isis.

Meet at Richmond Rail/ Tube station by 1.00pm. We'll walk up to nearby grounds by the riverside for social & Isis ceremony.


Future Isis Rituals (various venues on Thames)

  • --Wednesday 17th July: Birthday of Isis (Night of the Cradle). Sky Goddess Nut gives birth to Isis.
  • --Saturday 16th November: (Full moon) Quests of Isis: searching, mourning and the finding of Osiris. (This is the `Samhain equivalent).

All Welcome to attend, to contact us and contribute with your creativity, knowledge & magic for these new explorations..facebook event for Isis Navigatum ritual

Hern’s Tribe: Woodland Spring Equinox

HT Spring  2014-1

We are gathering at our more secluded Croydon woodland venue for an afternoon to mark SPRING EQUINOX- time of sewing seeds, sap rising, and that of growing day light balancing the night time.  All are welcome.. pagans, non-pagans, friends.. to participate in the ceremony and/or the social afterwards.

  • Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014.
  • Time: Meet-up at Tram stop by 1.00 pm.

* (please bring food, Wine & soft drinks to share too).*

Outdoor preparations:   Please see our website www.Hern-Tribe.org  for guidelines on what to bring, how to be prepared for outdoor rituals in woodlands, and some health & safety instructions.     facebook event for HT Spring

Gaian Times:  Earth Hour walk in London

Earth Hour 2014 - Gaian Times

Earth Hour falls on the last saturday in March every year.. this time on 29th March 2014.. Between 8.30pm and 9.30pm your local time! That's the perfect opportunity to lessen the load on Earth's energy resources.. switch off all unwanted electric equipment, get together in parks, woods or gardens..or homes in candle light..and celebrate the Earth Hour with family and friends. It is also an opportunity to take up Eco-based fundraising, environmental campaigns, creating educational activities for those unaware of Earth's ecological & environmental problems..

We here in Gaian Times eco-spiritual organisations will be marking this event..with our usual candle-lit walk in central London.. by the river Thames...walking past Tower of London, City Hall, London Bridge.. and end up by the Millennium Bridge/ Tate Modern Gallery area..for some socials..

Meeting point / time: Tower Hill (tube) Station..  outside.. by the large `Sun-dial’ sculpture.  (7.30pm)

Facebook event page for GT Earth Hour

Earth Day events -   details in our next issue GT#11 
Earth Day 22April2014 - Gaian Times

You can keep up to date by checking our Gaian Times facebook page

check our website:  www.GaianTimes.com


Events by other Groups  


OnesSpirit (c) DanielBHoleman-awakenvisions-com-sm
OneSpirit:  Drum n Dance & Kundalini &  Sacred Sounds!

A great opportunity to come together and express ourselves through connecting with our inner flow in a free and loving environment... Using powerful tools for transformation that include Being Energy, Kundalini Yoga, Drumming, Dance and Sacred Sounds we open our hearts revealing the hidden treasures of the soul and allow the Universe to work through us creating a world filled with magic and wonder.

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OneSpiritLove/

Website: http://onespirit.co/



Pagan Fed London rituals
Indoor Spring Equinox Ritual (by Pagan Federation London)

Facilitated by Vivianne & Chris Crowley and the Temple of Levanah

  • Date : 20th Match 2014
  • Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London.
  • Entry fee: 5 (for PF members & concessions), 6 for all others.

Time: 7:30 - 10:00 PM Arrive from 7.30 pm for pre-ritual socialising in the foyer. Ritual starts at 8 pm and usually concludes before 9 pm. Feasting and socialising follow the ritual until 10 pm.

Please bring a little food & drink to share during the feast after the ritual.  facebook event page for details



Druid Open Rituals - London Primrose Hill
Druid Outdoor Spring Equinox Ritual - Primrose Hill, London  

  • Date: 16th March 2014
  • Time: 12.45pm for 1pm start

Come and celebrate the spring equinox, part of a series of open rituals celebrated throughout the Celtic year on the Sunday nearest the appropriate date under the Aegis of the Loose Association of Druids

We gather in the Hawthorne Grove between 12.30 & 12.45pm in order to select the concelebrants & to prepare the Site ready for a prompt 1 o'clock start.

  • Nearest Tube: Chalk Farm or Swiss Cottage
  • Nearest Overground: South Hampstead or Chalk Farm

Please bring a small contribution of picnic food & drink to share.

All are Welcome.  Facebook event page (for more details)

Celebrating the Three Druidic Freedoms: of Thought; of Speech; & of Association Called for by John Tollund in 1716, & assembled by Iolo Morgannwg in 1792.

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