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Equation of reality (c)Mani Navasothy 2013


DrWho:  Time Lord celebrates 50th Birthday!

Back on 23rd November 2013, The Time Lord celebrated his 50th birthday - or rather- the BBC TV show `Doctor Who’ did!  

A Special movie called `Day of the Doctor’ aired simultaneously all across the World - yes the whole World.. - on 94  countries, their cinemas and so on - and even made Guiness World Record for the world's largest ever simulcast of a TV drama. (The episode actually aired in over 100 countries on either 23 or 24 November 2013 in cinemas and on television).

Well, being a fan of the show for over 30 years, some of us (me!) went to our local Cinema on the evening of 23rd November’13  to watch the special movie!   The atmosphere was wonderful between fans..  young, old and new. 

Who on Earth is he?

DrWho Imaginarium -  afte rfilming our first episode in Richmond - London 2014 - (c) MN2014
The Doctor is a Time Lord - a race of advanced aliens from the planet Gallifrey.  They mastered space & time travel, and use time machines called The TARDIS (stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space).  It is  machine that looks like a small box (with a door for people to get in and out) but is much much bigger inside..  cast control rooms, and other rooms.. including a swimming pool!).  These time machines have a circuit called a Chameleon circuit - which changes its outside appearance whenever it lands in a new location..  to blend it with local surroundings.  But of course, The Doctor’s TARDIS circuits got stuck when he first arrived in London in 1963, and so it’s been stuck with the appearance of a London Telephone Police Box (which used to be on every street corner in those days.. where a Policeman would sit inside with a small desk and chair.. !)

The Doctor was a runaway - he got bored with the stoggy non-interference policy of his people, and has been travelling many worlds..and times..  and ends up interfering..to save lives and civilisations..in small ways so as not to drastically change history.

One other vital thing - The Doctor (any time lords or Time Ladies) can regenerate - if they are dying!  Their face and body changes at the point of severe injury or near-death.. But each Time Lord can only do this 12 times..(so they get 13 different bodies).

The Doctor has had many friends - travelling companions along his long 50 years of journeys, and he has faced many evil villains.. most notably The Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, and even some renegades from his own kind.. The Master and The Rani -  evil geniuses!

    Video: Fan Reaction to DrWho: Day of the Doctor (screening)



Doctor Who Imaginarium- Fan productions

A quick search on the video channel Youtube will show you ..that there are hundreds of fan (home made) videos & films of Doctor Who!  Some very very good and professional level productions..  others made by loyal fans with just a costume and a video camera - running around woods and buildings!

And we are getting into that action too!

Some  friends and I got together and did some photoshoots in London, and then went to Richmond park - and filmed an actual episode, with props, masks, costume and all that!

We have been getting good with masks & costumes, and video filming and editing - for other reasons and purposes for many years (pagan rituals, conferences, professional marketing and so on).  So now, we are putting some of those skills and expertise - into making our own Doctor Who fan series under the banner of `Doctor Who Imaginarium fan productions’ !! (you can see some of the art works & photos here!)

Here’s the best news of all - we have possibly 3 Doctors.. and at least 2 of them are female..  It all fits in to the stories we have been developing - quite alternative ones.. some with old but many with new villains of our creations!

    So - if you are a fan or just a person with video / drama production skills and like to get involved - just for fun-   we love to hear from you.

Contact us by any means necessary..  e-mails, blog, website, tweet, facebook.. 

-Mani Navasothy

Facebook page: Doctor Who Imaginarium

Website: Doctor Who-Imaginarium

Equation of Reality: Where Science & Magic meet?!

by Mani navasothy

So what is the `Equation of Reality’?  Simply put (or mathematically put), it is…”r equals i-squared”.

Yes, it’s that blindingly obvious..  but I doubt (ritual) Magicians  & Esoteric Practitioners ever looked at it that way..  Even Aleister Crowley  spoke about magic as the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”, but possibly didn’t look into the actual Science of why this is so! :-)

So, the equation  i-squared = r’   applies to imaginary numbers in mathematics.. (real number = imaginary number-squared). But for years I have looked at a magical interpretation behind it.. and I call the `Equation of Reality’. .. that imagination-squared creates reality!

Forget all those other definitions of magic… Squaring, or in this case, multiplying imagination by itself.. is the act that turns imagination into reality.. That act is what we call Magic! So the question is now simple ..(or hard, depending on how you look at it). What does it mean in everyday practical terms to `square imagination’? Because if we can `do’ that, then we are doing successful magic.. to manifest something tangible (real).

Well, Quantum Mechanical principles also start to come into play.. such as Observer Effect, Collapse of the Probability Wave function and so on..  (*more on those in another blog)..

For now, this explains the `WHY’ visualisation is so important in magical training.. And guess how that squaring takes place? Visualisation is just one variable.. and emotive visualisation ..is the act of multiplying one imagination (visual) with another (simulated-feelings). There you have it.. a (pseudo) science-based idea  of the basis of magical manifestation

CyberGenesis - for GT (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
DrWho - AfterLife GT (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
Glastonbury drwho GT (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
Mani Navasothy in Silence Doctor Who costume..(c) Mani Navasothy

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