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To Be a Druid

To be a Druid- RenardFox FireDruidCloseUp

What does it mean to be a druid?  There are many opinions on that.  Perhaps too many.  We have been confused and lost in words and rituals that often are meaningless, allowing what little power we still have to seep away into the Earth that longs for the return of the druid touch and weeps that we have become so lost in our path.

Our species was once intricately woven into nature.  We survived as hunter gatherers and learned many lessons from nature.  About 10,000 years ago, we became “farmers”, who used our knowledge of nature to grow food.  This allowed us to stand still and build homes, which over time became villages and eventually cities. 

Those who would become druids consolidated and passed on the evolving knowledge about nature.  We absorbed the lessons and delved into the mysteries of growing food, but also learned about many other species and entities that existed in the world.  We became ambassadors to some species and entities, guardians of others.  We assisted people to work in harmony with natural and elemental forces. 

We evolved ceremonies that celebrated our relationship with the universe and specific natural forces, as well as other species and entities.  We created rituals that settled and focused our minds onto various topics and powers and often attempted to influence the universe so that particular outcomes occurred.

The universe has many possibilities, but in our reality, Christians began their march to domination.  Pagans and druids and all that believed a different way were slaughtered, and many of their holy sites converted or destroyed.  Many were persecuted and burnt in the zealousness of those who believed this was the best way to serve their new Lord and Redeemer.

I do not believe that was his message or his hope for the world or his followers.  But when politics and churches unite, all forms of barbarism and destruction is allowed so that those few believers can have their view of the world fulfilled.  And Death followed in the shadow of the cross as it marched across the world.

And with it, along came a dreadful forced ascendancy of man above woman.  So called “doctors” replaced midwives and our wise women were burned alive as a lesson to the next generation.  Our druid leaders were oral teachers and they were hunted and much of their knowledge began a slow die off.

Why did they not write down these lessons that they had learned many ask.  I say it is because druidism was all about direct learning and communication with nature.  They knew that druids needed to learn the core of their wisdom directly from nature.  They had evolved ways to reach out and communicate with nature.  These methods of communication and learning could be taught...but the knowledge gained was a result of the linking with nature.  The ceremonies merely helped many to establish the link... to focus the mind on particular aspects of the great natural pantheon.

Today, many look at druidism as a boutique religion, something to add to their new age collection of cool things to be and possess.  Many focus on learning all about the old druids and collecting ceremonies like baseball cards.  There are more books on druidism now than there were actual druids in the day.

Mind you... there are great druids today and great druid leaders.... but many of those in leadership positions have become academic eunuchs...cut off from our core of direct learning and communication with nature.  They are fearful of liability and tell you to stop what you are doing if you feel dizzy or have a strong feeling.  Safe.... and safe is good.... but leadership and opening new trail takes ingenuity and fortitude... both of which come with a wide spectrum of inherent stress, and occasional danger and physical hardship.

Druidism is not for the fainthearted.  The old forms do have power, the old sites do have power.... but are most druids ready for experimenting and learning from nature?  Have we become so removed from our natural heritage and conditioned by generations of Christians that we now fear communicating with nature... learning about elemental power and other species and entities?   

Many of the bridges that the original druids built between us and other parts of nature have been damaged and left unattended.... but they still exist and are accessible. The old trails have brush encroaching on them and they begin to fade into the background of the multiverse... but indeed they are they and seeable for those that look.

And never before has our planet, our species needed the touch of druids more.  Agriculture has in many places become a business arm of the chemical corporations.  Our forests are under siege and our waters polluted, and there are few that hear nature’s pleas for help.  Many natural entities wonder where the druids went... where their friends and the ambassadors to the human species have gone.

Being a druid has much to do with what you do.... but even more about what you are.  It is not a religion that requires you to attend a weekly service... nor does it show you how to spin a rosary to gain forgiveness.

If you are a druid, it is about how you conduct yourself every day.  It is about what job you have and mostly it is about how you connect with the natural world.  Do you do so with reverence and respect?  Do you stand up for those without a voice... that look to you to be that voice for them?  These are today’s druids.  They know it is easy to trip while trying to move forward while looking backwards.  The past is what it was...may it rest in peace and may we always show honor and respect to those that went before us. 

But today’s druid needs to dwell in the present and actively build a better future.  We need to focus on reconnecting with nature, listening to its many voices and lessons and rebuilding those bridges into the natural world and pantheon. 

There is our destiny or our greatest failing.  Each of us will help to decide which it will be.



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 Renard/Richard Fox: is a Fire Druid, the Editor of Aontacht Magazine and a warrior poet who lived mostly outdoors in the forests of the U.S for over 18 years. During that time he planted more than 700,000 trees while he lived and developed his Nature Magick in the deep forests. 

Today, he manages conservation projects in seven countries and develops small scale/big impact renewable energy projects with 23 Native American tribes across the western United States and has a home among the Lakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Renard the Fire Druid-bio

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return of the dawn - art by Mani navasothy
The Return of The Dawn


Once we roamed as part of nature - connected as like any other animal.

We learned to walk and use our thumbs,

To farm and stay in one place and multiply

With relative safety from most creatures... except ourselves.


Today many continue to distance themselves from the Mother that created us.

They try to look at Nature as something separate over which humans have dominion.

And it gives authority and an excuse

To take as much as they can, while returning very little.


More than half of all humans now live in cities.

Most don't know the call of the wild or the feel of the deep woods.

And yet they recognize, deep in their souls

That something is missing.


They limit and ban the use of open fires

Yet crave the flame that we have lived close to for millennium

They pollute our air and water

Forgetting we need it every minute of every day.


The pendulum is pushed far as this extreme dominates our cultures.

But in that very action, a vacuum is created and opposing forces begin to manifest .

Already we see that the fear-based  prevailing religions have begun to crumble

As people yearn to return to a rightful place of unconditional love.


Here lies the first light that shatters the darkness

A place of inclusion and celebration

Where nationality matters little,

And love and caring begins to win back against fear and hate.


This dawn glows bright against the prevailing background of darkness,

And brings hope and builds faith in the return of the Light

Each of us is but a small candle of this light and yet, as we grow

So shall the dawn naturally unfold into a new day.



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