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by Lisa Du Fresne

Have you ever been in conversation with someone on the phone? Of course you have. It doesn't matter if it's a friend or stranger from across town or from another province, state or country ... you hear them.

Question is do you have a long distance plan? And are they on speakerphone or are you the only one hearing them? 

Animals speak to me. Even long distance, just like being on the phone or Skype.  The wild ones tell me wise and funny things, when I plug in. As a professional Animal Communicator my clients are the “pets”, the furry, feathered or scaly companions, the recently rescued, the farm animals. 

The brokers or human clients (“pet owners”/care givers/human companions) embark on the transaction with me. With my help, they submit the questions, the worries, the queries.  The animals just enjoy the spotlight. To be heard in this fashion is often a thrill for them, they tell me. 

What could be questions from the “pet owner”: Is my Fluffy happy? Does s/he want a companion (a second “pet” in the household)? Why is s/he so scared of thunder and firecrackers? Being very old or feeble does s/he want help to die (euthanasia)?

Or... Seventeen years ago, my dog Bob had to be “put down” after a bad accident. Was he angry we did this or should we have tried to save him? Our cow Belle is not eating as well, this past month ... why, what's happening? The vet is not finding anything wrong.

These are just examples.

 I ask the animal if s/he wants to speak with me. Most often I communicate long distance, without having met the animal (in person), and without having seen a photograph.

 I used to introduce myself,  but now, quite often, a short cut is used. The animal knows.  The animal interrupts my introduction and just starts talking, chatting I like to say.

 I convey the conversation verbatim to the human who might be with me in person, or on the phone “for real”.

 Or, more often than not, after collecting the human/“pet owner's” questions, after writing them down, I then, a while later, sit quietly with pen and paper and write down EVERYTHING I say and  EVERYTHING the animal says during the chat, the conversation, the “visit”.  So I write as fast as I can.  And yes, the conversation goes only as fast as I can write, basically.

 Do I see them, the animals, long distance? Yes and no. (More on that another time.) 

 Do I sense them?  For sure, their presence, their expression, their personality,  their emotions.  At times their emotions will come through me, invade me, fill me.  Especially love.  Love and Joy they feel towards their human, or towards existence after death.  I have often felt in a state of grace being so filled with the vastness of their love, the ebullience of their joy ...

 A conversation might start like this:

     me: Dear, sweet Fluffy, do you want to speak with me?

     And Fluffy could very well start a nine page monologue. Or say nothing.  Smile and wag tail.  Or stay silent, waiting – testing me?

     So I might continue:

     me: Your human has asked me to ...

     (or) I'm an Animal Communicator ...

     (or) I'm in my room near the window, feeling the sun.  How about you?  Do you feel the sun?

 I speak from the heart and never start as an inquisitor.  The questions are really a springboard for an exchange of love and for some information clarification.

 This process: my receiving from the animal, then conveying the information to the humans often helps the human in their care-love relationship, in their sorrow, worry or dis-empowerment.  It can help clarify, it can contribute to further well-being.

 It can help the animal. Sometimes animals will also feel these same emotions and will want to express them.  Though they may be reluctant sometimes, if they feel protective towards their humans ... no cliché here.  It's always different.  Always I am surprised. Each animal is unique, and so is each conversation. 

Sometimes I may even hear an accent or a tone of voice.  Now I hear human verbal language, French or English as I speak both.  At times, from an animal I have heard another language and I tried to write the sounds as I heard them.  Then, I hear English or French again, thank you very much.

A dog I knew nothing about except that the human and dog had a mailing address in Toronto, Ontario and that the human was concerned for the dog's health (had seen the vet), this particular dog was speaking to me with a drawl, a bit like John Wayne, certainly cowboy like ... Days later I conveyed this to the human, with trepidation, during our phone appointment, trusting the human would not hang up.  They didn't.  In fact, they were elated and started to tell me how this dog, until recently, had spent all his life on a cattle ranch near Calgary, Alberta, herding, even though he was not of a herding breed ...

 I trust everything I hear, see, smell or sense during a communication.  I write it down.  It might be important for the human, it might be a powerful metaphor or ... a clue helping the human to believe it is their animal talking here. 

 Now, I think I hear conversations this way because I have theatre training.  So I hear like a script, like a radio play.  And I write it down as such.

 Other communicators may sense, or see colours or know a precise information without verbal exchange.

 I get chats, chat chat chat.  I think it's interesting.  It gives time for the process.  I stay, visit (long distance) with the animal or s/he visits with me for a while.  The process offers room to explore emotions and time to convey stories.  The animal is not rushed.  Even though it's long distance,  I ... sit with her/him.  We are in each other's company, each other's presence, witnessing, with all the respect, care and deference ...

 Sometimes the animal will not want or not be able to talk about something.  I will respectfully ask if I may speak to her/his higher self.  And the conversation continues with an other tone ... an other frequency.

 I wish conversing with humans would be as ... easy and direct, for me. However, I do hear and converse with dead people, deceased loved ones, for my human clients.  And lately I do converse long distance, animal communication style, that is not by internet, e-mail, or phone ...  with live humans who gave me permission. I write down the conversation.  I like to say: “I am not psychic, I am NOT in your head.”  I ... simply chat and they chat back.  I am still a student of this process.  The teacher is Trust.

 ps., Animal Communication can be with a tree, a forest, a rock, a frog or dragonfly ...

 Go ... listen to the songs, the whispers, the laughter!

 Go listen to your garden.

 Go listen to your cat ...

    Written in June, 2012, this article was first published in Aontacht, Sept. 21, 2012 and re-edited by the author Nov. 2013. 


Lisa Headshot pictureLISA DU FRESNE is a professional ANIMAL COMMUNICATO R, who lives in lives in Ontario, Canada.  

Her human clients list include: Vet, Naturopath, Scientist, Dog Show Trainer, Animal Rescue Association Director...

She has lectured and conducted workshops on ANIMAL COMMUNICATION at Pagan Conferences, Spiritual Gatherings and University course.  

As a French Canadian Urban Métis ARTist, she has been an Ontario Arts Council & Canada Council grant recipient, recently reviewed infibreQUARTERLY Canada on-line Textile and Fibre Arts and Crafts magazine.  

Lisa is a Reiki Master Teacher.

Her two feline work mates are Amberfly & Minou Gris-Gris.


Facebook: Lisa Du Fresne  Animal Communicator, medium  

Facebook: Lisa Du Fresne Metis ARTist  Lisa    

Lisa’s Blog: SalvagedWhisperers

Photographer: David Bowman

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